levis 501 vs 501xx

What's the difference between the levis shrink to fit 501s and the 501xx?
the "xx" notation refers to it being shrink to fit (I believe even modern $35 Shrink to fit 501s are tagged as 501xx). But a lot of times when guys talk about 501xx, they are referring to the LVC vintage repros that are made from selvage denim with Big E and redline selvage on the outer seam. The 1947 501xx is the most popular and the most classic.
I think you forgot to mention that the 47 is the more cooler and masculine also. Just thought I would correct you on that.
i think the xx means xtra strength. the denim is basically heavier for durability.
It depends on who you talk to, really. Collectors refer to 501XX Levi's as pre' 67 501s with hidden rivets, before the transition to plain 501 models (the transition models) starting from about 1967 without hidden rivets and with the XX designation dropped. 501XX, of course, also refer to vintage repros of the pre-67 models.
The XX designation is historical, the Lot No. 501 was used as early as the 1890s (though not necessarily on a back patch) based on Amoskeag XX 9 oz. denim (based out of New Hampshire). The change to Cone Mills occurred ca. 1915, but the XX designation remained.

If the XX designation was dropped then why do some new STFs still have that printed on the label?
the above statement is completely incorrect.
not to be a jerk but if someone has a question it is really unhelpful to just give a guess. if you dont know dont answer.

as get smart said it is (and always has been) the designation for denim that is NOT preshrunk.
same as shrink to fit.
I think that is a true statement. I think if XXX rated means xtra xtra dirty porno action, then XX denim means xtra tough. Right?:confused:
That is just a marketing ploy by Levis in the late 80s to distinguish between pre-shrunk and shrink-to-fit denim. Apparently XX == supertough denim. I guess the two horse symbol isn't sufficient.
Yeah that two horse pulling on the denim doesn't show strength enough. :)
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