Italian loafers, moccasins, slip ons

Does anybody know a good source for a loafer that is somewhat like the old, classic Gucci moccasin made in nice leather. I would prefer something in the classic tubular moccasin construction but have no idea where to even begin. Thanks!
Matt, Tod's might be a choice but they are spendy...I think Ferragamo may have what you are looking for as well. Do you have a pic of the style you had in mind?
Geox at Nordstrom is a cheaper choice.
Here's a long shot Matt.
I was looking at the Ebay shoe ticker that is linked on the SF B & S Forum.
I saw these Kitons that are closing tomorrow. They are new Kitons that are reminiscent of Guccis. Probably much better quality of course. And a greatly reduced price from the crazy Kiton retail price:
These are a size 10, and he also has a size 9.
Here's the actual Ebay auction
Are these Kiton loafers sort of what you had in mind? This seller has a good record selling Kiton items, and he has other shoes too.
And here's another possibilty from the ticker (different seller though):
NIB Sutor Mantellassi Loafers, $335 BIN
Excuse the ignorance here, but can someone give me an example of what this is? Is this similiar to what a driving moc may look like?
I am not sure the actual construction technique, but if you go to, go to mens shoes spring summer and scroll until you hit style DY475 you can see a really good version. Unlike driving shoes they have thin, flexible hard leather soles. They are super comfortable and stylish for casual wear IMO. The E382 is very good too, but more like a regular shoe.
The Kitons are too big, but close. Tods are not quite right.
Thanks. I should have known that when you said "classic gucci moccasin".
Funny enough, I went straight to that site when I read your original post and started looking.
Do you mean the Kitons are too big in size? I posted the auction for size 10s but he also has an auction for 9s.
Also the Sutor DY475 you use as an example is a suede shoe. Is that what you want or can suede or calf work?
Here's size 9 Sutor loafers that look close to your DY475s
Are you a size 9? I seem to remember that was the size you were selling in your recent super shoe sale.
Why not just the Gucci? They make a classic version instead of those awful Guccissima logoed ones.
hey i have a pair of those guccissima loafers.
matt, the gucci outlet store in cabazon has a range of bit loafers all under $200.
I think those brown loafers are probably the nicest I've ever seen, no kidding.
Nice pics!
Such an elegant last.
Don't know if the bit would be a dealbreaker but I have a pair of these on order from Leather Soul (though I don't know why I bothered ordering them since the Alden store in NY has a ton of them...)
I tried a pair on and they are extremely soft but goodyear welted.
The leather on today's Gucci classic is just too plasticky looking. If they made one like they used to, it would be a no brainer.
I'd agree, Ferragamo in the LO range or below, gucci, prada etc. is too plasticky with their leather. I'd go Sutor. Sutor has so many models and of a better quality leather I'd think you really couldn't go wrong and they do casual very well.

[EDIT: No, these aren't mine. I got the images from a Japanese site.]
Matt, do you have access to Brioni shoes there? I have a pair of Brioni unlined Italian loafers that are a lot like what you're describing. They are made of extremely soft calfskin (I think; much like glove leather) with a thin Blake-stitched sole. They are light as air. They have a hand-stitched, raised apron seam, but no horse bit or other metal. I've tried in vain to determine their provenance (even the Brioni folks in Italy were of no help), but, when I put the question a little differently--like where could I send them for refurbishment--they said the Lattanzi factory. However, this is far from definitive, and they could have been made by SM, Santoni, StefanoBi, etc. In any case, they are lovely, so check this out if you have Brioni shoes in SF.
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