leather soles - need breaking in?

do you guys do anything to new leather soles? perhaps to rough up sole for more grip? i have never had a problem with new shoes with leather soles before but for some reason i'm slipping and sliding all over the place the carpet at work in a new pair i just got. i feel like i'm snowboarding.
Usually the walk from the door to the car, and then from the car to the office is enough to break them in enough so that you're not slipping and sliding all over the place.
Most shoe stores sell little stick-on grip pads -- similar to the grip stickies sold for bathtubs -- for just this purpose. Where I live we have an abundance of (1.) icy/snowy weather and (2.) old people. This makes for lots of fractured hips. When I sold shoes, we could barely keep these things in stock during the winter, though they really are helpful year-round.
the slippin and slidin can be of one of three reasons i can think of:
1) this is the first pair of leather soled shoes for you so you are not used to the relatively less friction hold on the soles
2) the carpet at your office is peculiarly slick
the first two , i just reread your post and can be ruled out since you state you have purchased other leather soled shoes and have no problems.
the third is the quality of the shoe. I have experienced this same phenomenon, a pair of cheaper shoes ( especially with cole haan's 'premium' line) the soles are so slick it feels like a snowboard yes.
i never have this problem with premium makes, usually with premium leather vegetable tanned soles.
if you want to grind and scratch them up, you can, but i think the difference will still be negligible.
come to think of it i think the problem is most shoes i ever buy will be worn on the walk to and from where i'm going. these were AEs i purchased off ebay. they arrived at my office this morning and their first baby steps were taken on short office carpeting.
its almost lunch time so maybe i'll take a little walk outside to break in the soles. there's only carpet, tile, and marble between here and the outside though so wish me luck!
that is a shoe lover's dream.
to have only a plush carpet and a short distance tile to walk on for the longevity of a shoe.
one usually have to walk on concrete, ashphalt, little pebbles, soil, dirt, stones, etc and that does make one weep when wearing lobbs or santonis.
I slip and slide all over my carpet in my Edward Greens before I take them outside and walk on the concrete a little bit. I don't think it has anything to do with the make of the shoe - until you take a few steps on concrete the shoes are going to be slippery.
I have a gravel drive.
That's enough. ;)
They aren`t truly broken in until you step on some gum or dog poo.
I've stepped in gum with both a pair of AEs and a pair of Lobbs the first friggen time I wore them.
I usually take a good walk or shuffle along some medium-gritty concrete to scrape up the surface of a new pair of soles. That shiny coating is dangerous. Gravel is a little much, though. And yes, some leather soles are grippier than others, even after a good break-in period. CT/Loakes seem to be particularly slippery, C&J medium, and EGs quite grippy.
i think a good idea for a bit of satorial showboating could be to occassionally do a leather sole slide. you shoot out your arms and in a short of jazzy pose right at the end of the slide. pizaaazz! yeaaaa, that's right... new shoes, baby!
lets people know your shoes are the real deal, kind of like people leaving a button open on jacket sleeves.
I spent all evening on marble floors once in some AEs once which took some getting used to. Lots of slipping and sliding. When I took them off part of the sole looked 'polished'. Thank goodness for rubber heels instead of combination heels (or all leather!) on that occasion.
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